An energetic product leader with experience in IT, Digital, Operations, and Marketing. A great candidate to lead any digital product line. Proven strategic vision has been critical to his career's success. Accomplishments resulted in specific, measurable, and lasting impacts to all digital ordering platforms, technology, and strategic partnerships, shaping his company's brand for the foreseeable future.  

His knowledge and leadership contribute to his excellent advisory role in the Columbus IT Bootcamp. 


An IT professional with experience in product ownership, software testing, business analysis, scrum, agile coaching, and business architecture. Early in his career, Chris worked in enterprise IT as well as for a small software development company where he got exposure to running multiple projects of various sizes and methodologies. 
Chris started The IT Bootcamp 3 years ago, the IT Bootcamp was fortunate to add a co-owner one year ago, Joe Meuser who is an indispensable talent that will help bring The IT Bootcamp to the next level.